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Learning to Live With Your Teenager - Contents

This 60-page, A5 guide covers topics affecting parents and young people, including:

You're a Role Model

A reminder that they often do as you do, rather than what you say. How to earn respect.

Change and Adolescence

What puberty can be like for teenagers; bodily changes; losing your influence and letting go.

Getting Along Together

Don't try to win, make time, relax, read the signals, respect them first, laying down the law.

Sex and Relationships

Sex - is it a problem? The dangers; the pressures; broaching the topic; am I gay? Internet dangers.

Health and Well-being

Diet, sleep, bullying. Creating a teen-friendly home.

Drugs, Smoking and Alcohol

Drugs in perspective; Just say no? Drug facts; What can you do?

Money and Work

Teenagers and money; should they work? Learning money management

Where to get help

Sources of local and national help and advice.

The guide is designed for bulk distribution to parents or carers, by primary or secondary schools, youth services, health promotion or similar services.

We customise the guide to produce your own version with local contact information. Other information can be amended to suit and additional sections added, if required.

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About Learning to Live With your Teenager

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